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Cut Hair PAIN-FREE...

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Exercises designed to eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain from years of repetitive movements.

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Learn How To Move Smarter (while adding years to your career)... PAIN-FREE!

Follow these straightforward & easy exercises, SPECIFICALLY designed for Stylists by Leanne Scott (NeuroPlastic Movement Therapist), to cover all the painful parts of your day. From SHAMPOOING to BLOWDRYING, learn how you can change the way you do these movements AND finish your day pain-free!!

Extra Bonus-----> Follow along from the comfort of your own home - or lunchroom:)

No fancy equipment, no weights, no FORCING your body to do something it can't.........................

Add YEARS to your career, finish the day pain-free, become more flexible, save thousands in massage, chiro, and time off, stop taking pain killers or cortisone, and avoid surgeries.

Sleep better at night, be in less pain, and LOVE what you do every day - again!

Blowdry, Cut, and Shampoo Hair


Join Leanne, and her crew, as they lead you through simple exercises that you can do from anywhere at any time - so that you can stop feeling this incessant pain while providing service, and feel GREAT at the end of your day.

You have a SMART BRAIN!

We all know that feeling - when you go to shampoo a client's hair... that shot of pain up your back, through your side... and beyond.

This is your brain telling you to MOVE SMARTER!

Join Leanne as she shows you EXACTLY why you have sore shoulders, back, neck, legs, and more and how to make simple changes to the way you move so this doesn't happen any longer!

(Spoiler alert- this will NOT include strengthening your CORE:)

Yes! You can LOVE your job Again!

Ahhhh, there is nothing better than a great blow-out...

WAIT...EVEN BETTER would be to finish without feeling any pain!

Learn how your shoulders, neck, and back pain causes migraines, lack of sleep, TMJ & more!!!

Leanne will show you a technique that can easily be done at home in under 15 minutes so that you can finish the day feeling GREAT!

No Pain NO Gain!

We are led to believe that all of this pain is just a "part of the job"- that we just need to toughen up-


You don't need a "STRONGER CORE"

You need to use your WHOLE body more Effectively & Efficiently!

Give Leanne 30 minutes, and get back to LOVING what you do all day long.


3 short videos is all it takes to learn The Pelvic Clock. The Pelvic Clock is a central exercise in the MOVE Smarter Lesson Series - once mastered - makes ALL the other exercises EVEN Easier!

Gain FREE Access to this brand new program, created SPECIFICALLY for hairstylists, and learn how you can FEEL better!

"A Tool for Change - THE MOVE SMARTER EXERCISE SERIES designed especially for the functional movements of hairstylists!"

It's time to LOVE what you do every day...pain-free!

Listen to Leanne Scott from MOVE Therapies, a NeuroPlastic Movement Centre, talk about how you can approach and continue with your hairstyling career WITH EASE, STRENGTH, and LONGEVITY!

We all know what the Band-Aids are…taking Advil or Tylenol many times throughout the day, regular scheduled Cortisone shots, regularly scheduled massage and or chiropractic appointments, and on a bigger picture - surgeries!

There’s a reason these are called Band-Aids…we use these as QUICK FIX tools - something we do to get us through the day. (We know deep down this isn't going to work long term, but we feel like we have to do something! We need the job (and we actually LOVE our jobs), so NOW is the time to try something else!

The MOVE Smarter Excercise Series for Stylists is LEARNING HOW to use your WHOLE BODY as a SYSTEM - to move Easier and more Effectively, in the way we are actually BUILT to move!

Gain FREE Access to this brand new program, created specifically for hairstylists, and learn how you can feel & be better...so at the end of the day, you are STRONGER, more FLEXIBLE & PAIN stays at bay!

A Tool for LASTING Change -


Designed SPECIFICALLY for the functional movements of hairstylists!

“What will I notice if I do this New Exercise Series?”

  • Pain relief
  • Removal of pain due to injuries you already have
  • Greater mobility
  • Long-term mobility even as we age
  • Ending your workday not exhausted, but filled with energy
  • Time, energy, and desire to enjoy other things in your life - your family, friends, partner, or hobbies

Please remember...

EVERYONE is Different and it is ultimately up to YOU to find HOW & WHAT your body responds to. So please be aware of HOW you FEEL during the exercises. Be Responsible for Self. As you know yourself best.

You don't have to just "survive" your career, or build up your "hairdresser body"....

After years of going to massage and chiro weekly, I really didn't think that anything could make a difference for my neck, shoulders, and back.

I love that this is something I can do at home, on my quick breaks throughout the day and doesn't feel like "exercise"!

Highly recommend!

Trish McNeil

Stylist 15+ years

Leanne is soooo fun! I love the energy she brings to these videos, and learned many things I had NEVER heard of before - like The Pelvic Clock!

Can't believe how big of a difference this has made so quickly- I joined The Move Smarter Membership and love all of the new exercises I am learning now as well!

Chandelle Hay

Stylist/Salon owner 20+ years

The number of pills I was taking for pain relief was crazy- I would just take them automatically every morning and night. I was trying to approach the pain via lots of stretching and yoga-

I STILL LOVE YOGA! - Except, I do it now because I enjoy it- and am actually way more flexible than ever before!

Take the time and go through this, it is worth every penny I spent for access!

Shayne Moore

Massage Therapist


Leanne J. Scott

Leanne is a Certified Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement® Practitioner (ABM), a professional dancer/choreographer & a Mother to Callum Tate, a little boy with Special Needs, who is the absolute joy of her life.

After realizing that her son was going to need extra support, and through a friend of a friend Leanne was introduced to The Anat Baniel Method (ABM), and not long afterward, her and her husband Dale decided that Leanne would begin the intensive Practitioner Training Program and become an ABM Practitioner - specializing in both children and adults!

Throughout the training, Leanne soon came to realize that this wasn't just a method that she could use on her son, but something that would also help so many other people tremendously!

After years of providing in-clinic lessons to many different clients, including beauty professionals, massage therapists, and more - she designed this training SPECIFICALLY to help you not just "get through" your day while providing services - but to do it in a way that will leave you feeling great and full of energy after those long days you have!

You can go through these simple yet ULTRA EFFECTIVE exercises anywhere you want - anytime you want. It was created for you, and to accommodate you during your busy day. (no matter what shape you are in:)

Leanne has completed the following ABM NeuroMovement trainings:

ABM Certified NeuroMovement Practitioner (510 hours) - 2015

ABM NeuroMovement for Children Practitioner (176 hours) - 2016

​ABM NeuroMovement for Vitality and AntiAging Practitioner (91 hours) - 2017

ABM NeuroMovement for High Performers (38 hours) - 2017

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