Soothe Your Shoulders - MOVE Smarter

Join TODAY and learn how these Simple yet Incredibly Effective Exercises Will Help Relieve Your Shoulder Pain - Quickly & Easily!

NeuroPlastic Exercises designed to

Eliminate Shoulder Pain & Stiffness and

Greatly Increase your Range of Motion.

Eliminating Tension & Increasing Strength and Mobility.

Learn How To MOVE Smarter (while adding years to your Independence)…Safely & with Confidence!!

Follow these Short, Straightforward & Simple Exercises, Created for ANYONE of Any Age or Any Ability, by Leanne Scott (Neurological Movement Therapist from MOVE Therapies), to Rid Yourself of Shoulder Pain - yes, Even Frozen Shoulder!

Reduce Shoulder and Neck Tension, Reduce Pain and Impingement and get back to Using your shoulders once again - this time WITHOUT PAIN!

Painful/Frozen/Tight shoulders can lead to Awful Mobility Problems, Headaches/Migraines, and even Anxiety as things worsen - often quickly. Learn how to FREE this VITAL area of our body quickly and easily.

Extra Bonus-----> Follow along from the comfort of your own home, with NO fancy equipment, NO weights, NO FORCING your body to do something it can't.........................

Learn to FREE your Shoulders - Becoming

Pain Free & with a

Massive Mobility Increase!

Join Leanne, and her Crew, as they lead you through Simple exercises that you can do from Anywhere, in as little as Minutes per day, so that BITING PAIN STOPS!

Getting back the FREEDOM of your Shoulders in Lifting, Reaching, Crawling & So Many more EVERYDAY Movements.

You have a SMART BRAIN that can help you MOVE your Shoulders Again!

We all know that feeling - when you go to reach for something up high or down low (and the thing you are reaching for is heavy...Yikes!) and its just not as easy for you to do any more. You no longer feel Strong & Coordinated enough to do so Easily & Safely.

This is your brain telling you to learn HOW to MOVE (your shoulders) SMARTER!

Join Leanne as she demonstrates EXACTLY WHY you struggle with these movements ~ that you used to do so easily ~ and how to make SIMPLE changes to the way you how to use your whole body to reach up or down, Easily (again!)

(Spoiler Alert- this will NOT include strengthening your CORE:)

Yes! You can LOVE your Shoulders Again!

Ahhhh, there is nothing better than moving Easily and Effectively

(WAIT...EVEN BETTER) would be to able to do so with Coordination and Ease!

Learn how your lack of movement awareness in your Chest/Ribs/Sterum can lead to LIMITED MOBILITY (AND SHARP Biting Pain) in your Shoulders!!!

Leanne will show you a technique that can easily be done at home in under 15 minutes so that you can get RID of that BITING PAIN in your shoulders!

No Pain NO Gain??


We are led to believe that all of the shoulder pain is just a "part of getting older" ~ that they only need to be strengthened OR Worse, that there is nothing we can do about it.


And FYI - You don't need a "STRONGER Shoulder"

You need to Re-Learn HOW to use your WHOLE body more Effectively & Efficiently, but at the same time EASILY! (the way we were born to use it! :)

Give Leanne 10-15 minutes, and get back to LOVING how you move your Shoulders Again!

What you will Learn in the Soothe Your Shoulders Program!!!!

~ How powerful shoulders come from using more than just your shoulders

~ What your head & eyes have to do with how your shoulders Feel & Move.

~ How to Improve the Mobility of the shoulders = Improving your Coordination!

~ "MAP" the Individual pieces of your shoulders, back and ribs back into your Brain. so MOVEment becomes easier again.

~ How the movement (or lack thereof!) of the rest of your body parts influences your Shoulders and how to optimize yourself to move more effortlessly!

Gain Access to this brand new Soothe Your Shoulders program, created SPECIFICALLY for people who want to stay ACTIVE in life, and learn how you can MOVE EASIER & Securely ~ FAST!

And stay Vital, Strong and Coordinated - and living on your own!

"A Tool for Change - THE MOVE Smarter Soothe Your Shoulders Program designed to IMPROVE your Everyday Functional Movements and RID Yourself of Shoulder Pain!

Remember...MOVE Smarter NOT Harder!

It's time to get your shoulders Out of Pain and Back into into Your Everyday Movements!

Listen to Leanne Scott, and her Crew from MOVE Therapies, a NeuroPlastic Movement Clinic, talk about how you can approach and continue to improve your life ~ WITH EASE, STRENGTH, and LONGEVITY!

When the shoulders are hurting you want that feeling to go away as quickly as possible, as you worry that that this could lead to other problems. Once one area of the body is hurting, usually that will lead to more areas also getting injured.

The MOVE Smarter Exercise Series is about LEARNING HOW to use your WHOLE BODY as a SYSTEM - to move Easier and More Effectively, in the way we are actually BUILT to move!

Gain Access to the FULL Soothe Your Shoulders Program, created specifically for people like you, who want to engage in life, and feel Strong Again.

Learn how you can feel & be better... throughout the whole day - no matter what the task. Start to feel STRONGER, have more Coordination, and live a Long and Independent life!

A Tool for LASTING Change -


Soothe Your Shoulders Program

Designed SPECIFICALLY for EVERYDAY functional movements!

“What will I notice if I do this New Exercise Series?”

  • Learn to use your Ribs/Sternum/Chest to help your shoulders move easier.

  • Reduce the wear and tear on your Shoulders to prevent future injures or even surgery!

  • Keep yourself Independent & Vital.

  • Long-term Shoulder PAIN DECREASE - even as we age. (AND without pain meds!)

  • Everyday Shoulder Movements become Easy again!

Please remember...

EVERYONE is Different and it is ultimately up to YOU to find HOW & WHAT your body responds to. So please be aware of HOW you FEEL during the exercises. Be Responsible for Self, as you know yourself best.

You don't have to just "survive" in your life, or only build up your muscles, instead, you can learn the SKILL of moving well ~ even as you age.

My shoulders were becoming noticeably worrisome to my family. They were very anxious about me losing my balance and falling - and seriously injuring myself.

After the Foot & Balance Program, none of them could believe how Capable I had become!

No one worries about me living alone anymore! In fact, my son says I have better balance than he does! And the program was so easy ~ and really quite fun!

Marlene West

Retired - 87 years YOUNG!

Leanne is soooo fun! I love the energy she brings to all her videos! Her instruction is so clear and the videos are like Nothing I have ever tried before. No pushing or forcing ~ just easy, simple movements!

I've learned many things I had NEVER even heard of before!

Like how the WHOLE body moves like a Team - in order to help keep me Balanced. Who knew?! I can't believe how big of a difference this has made so quickly.

After trying the Soothe your Shoulder Program ~ I joined The Move Smarter Monthly Membership and love ALL of the new exercises I am learning now as well!

Chandelle Hay

Stylist/Salon owner 20+ years

The number of times I was losing my balance was crazy ~ I was getting so worried about falling and hurting myself...badly. (I couldn't afford to stop working - even for a short time!)

I tried all sorts of exercise programs, but they required so much "strength," I found I couldn't even DO half of the videos...until this Foot & Balance Program!

The videos are so easy, I do them in a couple of minutes a day - and the results are Amazing! I don't even worry about my balance anymore. I am so sure-footed, I feel like I could scale a Mountain! ;)

Shayne Moore

Massage Therapist

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