Learn to Age Backwards The MOVE Smarter Way

Are you starting to Feel Unsafe in your Everyday Movements? You might be concerned that if you don't Improve - you will not only continue to feel unsafe, but your partner/family will have to start 'picking up the pieces' of your daily duties ~ or worse...they could begin to worry about leaving your "on your own."

Gain Access today to the MOVE Smarter Exercise Program, created specifically for people like YOU, who want to engage and get back into life, yet still feel Safe & Strong. No contract. Cancel anytime.

Learn how you can feel (& be better) throughout the whole day - no matter what the task. Start to feel

STRONGER, have more Vitality, and live a Long and Independent life!

Learn to Age Backwards

Join Leanne & Dale, as they lead you through SIMPLE exercises that you can do from Anywhere, in Minutes per day. So that you end up Moving more Efficiently & Elegantly, all the while making Chronic Pain a thing of the Past.

You have a SMART BRAIN!

We all know that feeling - you go to do an 'easy' everyday movement (one you have done for years)…and somehow you don't feel ABLE or

STABLE enough to do them any more. Forget Easily!

This is your brain telling you it's TIME to learn HOW to MOVE SMARTER!

Join the MOVE Smarter Crew, as they demonstrate EXACTLY WHY you struggle with these movements ~ that you used to do so easily ~ and how to make simple changes that will help you get out of a chair, off the floor, change direction, shoulder check, balance & more ~ EASILY once again!

Yes! You can LOVE your Body Again!

Ahhhh, there is nothing better than moving Easily and Effectively

(WAIT...EVEN BETTER) would be to do so


Learn how our lack of Knowledge/Awareness regarding HOW WE ARE BUILT TO MOVE; can lead to Chronic Pain, Numbness, Neuropathies & cause you to have slips, falls & more!!!

Leanne & Dale will show you techniques that can easily be done, at home, in under 15 minutes so that you can MOVE Again ~ with Confidence!

(Spoiler Alert- this will NOT include strengthening your CORE:)

"No Pain NO Gain"??


We are led to believe that all of this Decrease in Vitality is just a "part of getting older" ~ that there is nothing we can do about it.


And FYI - You don't need a "STRONGER CORE"

You need to Re-Learn HOW to use your WHOLE body more Effectively & Efficiently, but at the same time EASILY! (the way we were born to use it! :)

Give us 10-15 minutes and get back to LOVING how you move!

Gain Access to this Incredible Program, created SPECIFICALLY for people who want to RID themselves of Chronic (or acute) PAIN & stay ACTIVE in life,


Stay Vital, Strong and Balanced - and living on your own Independently - for Longer!

"A Tool for Change" - THE MOVE SMARTER EXERCISE Program designed to IMPROVE your Everyday Functional Movements!

Remember...MOVE Smarter NOT Harder!

Please remember...

EVERYONE is Different and it is ultimately up to YOU to find HOW & WHAT your body responds to. So please be aware of HOW you FEEL during the exercises. Be Responsible for Self, as you know yourself best.

My mobility was becoming noticeably worrisome to my family.

After joining the MOVE Smarter Exercise Program, none of them could believe how Capable I had become!

No one worries about me living alone anymore! In fact, my son says he worries about me LESS now than he did 10 years ago! And the program was so easy ~ and really fun! Who knew Exercise could be Interesting?!

Susan Black

85 years YOUNG!

Leanne & Dale are soooo fun! I love the energy they bring to all their videos! Their instructions are so clear and the videos are like Nothing I have ever tried before. No pushing or forcing ~ just easy, simple movements!

I've learned many things I had NEVER even heard of before!

Like how the WHOLE body moves like a Team - in order to move Easier and Reducing Pain at the same time!

AND after joining MOVE Smarter ~ my Chronic Pain has vanished! (and I had it for years)

Rachel Bison

68 years YOUNG!

I have tried all sorts of exercise programs, all of them espousing how EASY their exercises were...but they required so much "strength," I found I couldn't even DO half of the exercises...until the MOVE Smarter Program!

The videos REALLY ARE EASY, (just like the Free ones they sent me from Instagram & Facebook)

I do them in a couple of minutes a day - and the results are Amazing!

Cassandra Pope

57 Years Young!

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